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Perhaps, you are a parent, and you care about your kids, you need to keep watching their actions when you are not with them. If you are an intelligence investigator, then spying around without being noticed is one of your primary roles. Indeed, there are countless reasons for spying, but the results will largely depend on the camera you are using.

If you are using an iPhone, then you need to install specialized camera apps to achieve this objective. Well, there is a countless number of spy camera apps for iPhone, and this can be a challenge to many users.


If this has been one of your concerns, then worry no more as we enlist seven best spy camera apps for iPhone is If you are planning to spy during the evening, then you probably need a spy camera app with the ability to capture images and record video under low light intensity. Indeed, Night Version Camera app for iPhone is a perfect choice.

Part 1. How to Turn iPhone 6S into a Spy Camera?

Secret Spy Camera Pro is one of the best spy camera apps for iPhone users currently available in the market. It works on the basis that it records video without people knowing that you are doing so. The premium version offers the best experience.

How to Turn Your iPhone 6S into a Spy Camera?

Information Seller Qi Chen. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Ruler For Short Length. Reading Magnifier With Light. Easy Calc - Camera Eye. Spy hidden camera Detector. Night Eyes Lite - Night Camera. So, set the chunk size property to control the time you want to record when motion is detected.

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Not so pretty, but you can rewind or seek forward the audio file. Swipe is available in edit mode too. A white mark will appear on the right side of selected files. Only pics and video. We want to thank you all those who reported and helped us to find and solve these issues. We appreciate your patience! If you misspell your PIN nothing will happen. No more waiting nor black screens when you stop recording a video.

Thank you all for your support, patience and feedback! It used to be by tapping once on the screen, but you could stop or start a video by mistake. Now you have to tap with TWO fingers to start or stop a video. Double tap to go back as before. We had to change some features to comply with Apple's Guidelines regarding privacy. Place the device in a steady position with a cradle or something and tap any of the camera buttons. No audio detection trigger for now.

You have 3 seconds after tapping the camera button and before the detector begins to place the device in a steady position.

7 best spy camera apps for iPhone 2017

Once the detector detects movement or a sudden ambient light change it will start recording video for 2 minutes and after that it will start checking for motion again. Once the detector detects movement or a sudden ambient light change it will save a picture every 3 seconds if there's still movement.

Motion detector must be stopped manually, it won't use any of the other settings such as delay or sequencer. You can chose the detector sensitivity: Use two fingers over a picture to zoom in and out. Set this property if you want the "TO" field to be defaulted when sending files via email.

5 Best Hidden Camera Apps for Android and iPhone - Pro Domain Blog

Set this property if you want the video to start recording n seconds after you touch the screen. Set it to 0s to start recording as soon as you touch the screen. Set this property if you want the video recording to stop by itself after n minutes. Set it to 0n if you want to record unlimited time. Set this property to ON if you want this message to be shown. The file may remain corrupted if the app is closed before it ends saving, so we decided to ALWAYS split videos in 2 minutes chunks.

So… if you record a 10 minutes video, you will see 5 video files. Chunk video file settings.

Will always save 2 minute chunks. Thank you all those who reported bugs and sent us some brilliant ideas to improve the application! We try to hear them all! The device always vibrates on the first snap no matter the value of the switch in the settings menu. It allows you to change everything in the settings menu. We can not restore the brightness level until you resume the application. So if this is an issue for you, just disable this function. To inform that the sequence has begun or to inform that you have successfully tapped the screen and wait for the delay to take the picture.

It will vibrate on every picture take only if you select "virbate" in settings. Sorry for this guys. Icon, name and look loading screens were changed to make Undercover Media a totally camouflaged application. The application will now be named "easy calc", the springboard icon will look like a calculator and even the loading screens will look like a calculator application.


We recommend that you use the "calc camouflage pin" along with this new skin to fool anyone sneaking around We won't answer any email saying: I paid for it!! Are you trying to make a movie??

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We encourage everyone to use this new feature, cause it is great and helps the device to save files faster. It will also help file sharing of course. Turn on "save video chunks" and chose the video chunks length you prefer. It will automatically save a new video every n minutes. Some metrics as a reference: